Childhood regrets - raising kids - and homeschooling

Childhood regrets - raising kids - and homeschooling
2/25/2014 1:38:25 AM

My dad recently passed away.  This has left me thinking quite a bit about my relationships with all of my kids (I have six if you didn’t know).  And while I didn’t really know all that much about my father, I am keenly aware of the things that we did and didn’t do together.  I think I like most of the things that I remember about my dad and how he raised me and I see that I have replicated much of this in my relationships with my kids.  However, I also see me doing many of the things that I didn’t really enjoy.  I am now actively trying to change those items.


It is odd to me how important the simple act of throwing a ball with your father is to a boy.  I never really thought much about this.  But these days I think about it a lot.  I never really had the opportunity to do this with my old man as he never really had time…and was sort of old.  I know now that having time and making time are just different ways to manage the many things that are going on in life.  My boys love throwing the ball.  And I really enjoy it too.  And it really only takes a few minutes a day to check a box of this nature.  And the memories that are built from it set the foundation for many other things in life.

From a home schooling perspective, throwing the foot ball is so much more than the bond made between father and son.  Hand eye co-ordination.  Tactics.  Judgment.  Gamesmanship.  All important topics that are difficult to teach in other formats regularly taught at home.  Add to that three flies up with dog piles and brotherly punishment and you end up with tough happy monsters…with good memories of a certain boyhood requirement.

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