The simple joys of being a farmer no matter how small

The simple joys of being a farmer no matter how small
2/25/2014 1:47:24 AM

As a farmer there are many things you need to do on a regular basis.  Similar to being a software developer, you have to check your email at some interval no matter how much you like it.  Well, as a farmer I have to walk my fence line with some frequency.  And like email, now and then you come across fun surprises with the other lame task.


While walking my fence line, both internal fences (where I keep my pigs), and external fences (which keep out the neighbors stock), I ran across a new batch of cattle in the back acreage.  Curious critters.  They wanted to know as much about me as I did them.


Its very easy for me to see why there are so many lawyers, doctors, and engineers, (the top three professions dropping out of city life at an alarming rate) returning to the farming life style.  All that stress in the job contrasted with walking along and seeing gentle cows chewing their cud.  Farming, while always busy, is generally very low stress and enjoyable.


How many folks have a parks worth of grass in their front lawn to toss the football with…with your kids, dogs, horses, and cats?




I love this life.

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