Teaching Drake how to write html

Teaching Drake how to write html
2/25/2014 2:54:52 AM

As a full time web developer that has been paying the bills for a great many years with self taught web skills, I finally decided that my kids were ready for me to pass the baton.  It is my hope that my kids will go to college and learn what ever tickles their fancy.  But no flipping burgers for my monsters.  Instead I fully intend to enter them into the world wide job market that is the inter-webs ASAP.  They can easily afford college with simple programming skills.  How better to start them off than teach them first and foremost how to learn by speaking Google.  This is a very important distinction over actually teaching HTML.  Learning how to look for information, absorb only what is needed for the immediate task at hand, as well as get a cursory understanding of all the peripheral information is how I work every day.  Rather than teach this tag or that tag I gave him a simple understanding of how to feed in the proper english term set to Google to get the results you need.  Lets do this!


As with any web developer job, I started Drake off with a low-fidelity wire frame.  I asked him to create a basic web page that has a header, his picture, some paragraphs of text with the first paragraph wrapped around his photo.  3 paragraphs about himself.  He asked me if it was to be in “first person” or not.  I love this boy.  And at the bottom I asked for a simple table with his personal information.

He immediately went to the googles and found w3schools.  The best place for the low down on all html tags.



He doesn’t know it yet, but this is one of the few gigs in life where you can easily make well over 6 figures in your bath robe from your home every day.


Getting this boy to sit style while smiling is not easy.

Here you can see that he got his image to render from Facebook.  Now he is smiling again.


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