Teaching kids how to make money in their underwear

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Teaching kids how to make money in their underwear
2/26/2014 4:43:22 AM

Everyone at one point or another in their career fantasizes about how cool it would be to work from home.  They always joke about taking meetings in their under wear.  Do a little work with your family in the other room.  Have lunch with the family.  Be as comfy as you want to be.  And be able to pay the bills with that life style.


Coding challenge number two has been thrown down.  The nice thing about having two competitive kids learning something together is that they inevitably push each other to do more than the teacher (me) asked.  They have been hard at work figuring out the first challenge and were immediately ready for the next thing.

So…I hollar’d “C H A L - L AAAA N G E” !!!!!  $5 to the winner (first to complete)

This exercise is to extend the concept of a single document to a “web”.  Three documents and two images.  All linked together correctly.  As before, a lo-fi mock has been provided.


Hard at work helping each other out already.




I foresee lots of phone calls at work tomorrow.

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