The world could learn from jeep owners

The world could learn from jeep owners
9/15/2014 10:24:05 PM

It is amazing to me the relationship that (almost) every jeep owner has towards another jeep owner.  Whether I know the jeep driving towards me or not I feel compelled to wave at them as they drive by.  Generally they reciprocate with a head nod or a wave back.  If we stop next to one another we immediately check out the other fella’s ride.  If the windows are down we exchange compliments.

I have worked at Clear Measure for a few weeks now.  We moved into our new building about a week ago.  And with my new window view I see a yellow jeep and a blue jeep drive in and out several times through out the day.  I finally had a chance to go introduce myself as a fellow jeep owner.  We looked at his yellow jeep.  And talked about future mods.

Then we walked into the garage and looked at my jeep and Jeffrey’s jeep (parked side by side so that they can have some alone time throughout the day – if we are lucky they will make more white Rubicon JK’s!).  This then led to “what do you do”.  We are both C# developers.  This then led to a tour of his office on the 5th floor in the same building as Clear Measure.  Then a business card exchange.  Ending with a “we should meet on the trail one of these days”.

The only other community that I have come even close to this level of immediate friendship is in the “back to the land” or sustainable farming community.  The difference being that we really expect helping hands and knowledge exchange from one another.  Where as jeepers generally expect only a wave or a tow out of a sticky situation.

I acknowledge that there is a similar friendliness in the motorcycle group…but there you often have harley snobs, rice rocket racers, and leather gangs.

I love being a jeep owner! 

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