Our first blog post

Our first blog post
8/29/2013 2:48:27 AM

We are happy to say that not only are we launching our new web site (you may have noticed that already) but we are also launching a new blog with the site.  The goal of this blog is to bring you up to the minute shooter experiences, tactical know how, deals, product reviews, match coverage, and just about anything else pertaining to the wonderful world of three gun.

To get us started I decided to post some of the pics from last months Texas Multi Gun club match.

As always we hosted the event with our friends at Best Of The West Shooting Sports.  This is a great venue if you haven’t ever been here.


I absolutely loved this particular stage…probably more than any other.  You can see that there are several telephone poles buried in the ground to simulate shooting in a wooded environment.  It is especially interesting keeping track of which target you shot, which target you need to shoot, while also reloading or clearing a jam.  Good times!


Notice here that Texas Multigun is a family friendly experience.  That is my 10 year old wearing the hot pink head set!


Shooting through windows and around obstacles is what makes three gun so much fun!


If you are a gun nut you will absolutely love this gang.  I don’t recall seeing any stock weapons floating around the scene that day.


Expect to meet all sorts of folks at these events.  We had a lady shooting for her first time.  We also had a college shooting team.  And of course there were loads of experienced shooters there too.

(click this pic to see a bigger version)


Do you like long range shooting with your AR?  Here are some 500 meter targets for you…

…note… the ones you can see in this photo are about half way to the 500 meter targets which can’t be easily seen in the photo.


Thank you STI for helping us make these events happen!


Expect it to be hot out here.  Bring some water.  And if you have something that helps to provide shade…you might consider bring that too!


It was somewhat windy.  Generally this means that you will stay cooler in the shade.  But it also meant you were going to have a  heck of a time hitting your long range targets.


This is one of my favorite stages.  6 plates per rack.  3 racks about 10’ apart.  Pow pow pow pow pow pow….RUN…  A real test of pistol accuracy at a distance.


Top quality safe to shoot at targets are to be expected when shooting with Texas Multi Gun.


How long is your gun?


Lots of good conversations to be had.


Lots of folks that spend their day modding guns can be found at these events.  If you are interested in something super custom, the odds are pretty good that someone is at our match testing out their new bits.



Expect to have a day filled with competitive similarly minded folks.


And if you do decide to bring your monsters to a match expect a nice quiet ride home at the end of the day as they tend to get quite tuckered out!


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